How I did it: Securing a graduate role with J.P. Morgan

Bright Network member Sana is two months into a graduate role with J.P. Morgan, having recently graduated from LSE with a degree in Management. We caught up with her to find out how she landed this sought-after position at leading investment bank.

How did Bright Network help?

Bright Network was very proactive in contacting me to ask me about my progress in career applications, and also to offer help if I needed any. For example, I was invited to an exclusive and pioneering event for Bright Network women which was designed to help candidates gain the skills, network and advice needed to advance their careers. They also had catch-up calls where I could discuss how my career search was progressing.

Why did you apply to J.P. Morgan and their Investor Services division?

I was initially attracted to J.P. Morgan’s global scale and reputation as a leading financial services firm.

While further researching the firm, I found that it took corporate social responsibility very seriously. For example, their Give-It-Away campaign donated to causes across the globe helping to improve community facilities, education and workforce readiness. Social mobility and diversity are important to me, and J.P. Morgan is committed to both. This is clear from a number of its employee-focused initiatives, such as the support network created for working mothers.

As for my specific division, I applied to Investor Services as I believed my skills largely aligned with this area of the business. It provides graduates with opportunities to deliver practical strategies, build client capabilities and become a trusted advisor to clients.

I also attended an Investor Services networking event and was impressed by how friendly the student representatives and the recruitment team were. They offered tremendous insight into the company.

What was the toughest part of the application process? And your favourite part?

For me, the toughest part of the process was the group discussion at the assessment centre and judging how to strike the right balance between sharing my views and  hearing feedback from others. I wanted to ensure I was contributing to the dialogue among the small group of candidates.

If you find yourself in such a situation, be patient and focus on the quality of your responses, not the quantity.

My favourite part of the process was receiving the email confirming I had secured a graduate job at J.P. Morgan! I was thrilled that my hard work had paid off and I was eager to join my new team as soon as possible.

Were you surprised by anything during the application process?

It was great to see that candidates came from a range of backgrounds, which confirmed J.P. Morgan’s reputation for hiring from diverse academic disciplines. Many of my fellow interviewees were studying non-business and non-math related degrees, such as liberal arts or natural sciences.

What three top tips would you give a Bright Network member looking to apply to J.P. Morgan?

  1. My most important piece of advice is to be proactive when researching the firm - try to attend as many recruitment or insight events as you can. Before submitting my application, I attended an Investor Services Open Day at J.P. Morgan’s Canary Wharf office. I was able to experience the culture of the organisation first-hand and decide which specific role was best for me.
    " proactive when researching the firm - try to attend as many recruitment or insight events as you can"
  2. At the interview stage, tailor your responses in a way that effectively highlights your prior experience and strengths. And don’t be afraid to discuss your weaknesses and give examples of lessons you have learned from experiences if asked by the interviewer.
  3. Try to stay positive throughout the entire recruitment process, especially during the assessment centre tasks. If you feel you have underperformed in one exercise, remember you can always improve your performance elsewhere – don’t get disheartened. And when you sit down with the interviewer, reflect on the positive and areas for improvement to highlight your self-awareness.


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