Osasere Sofia's success story: Landing a Risk and Compliance Consultant role at FDM

Created on 19 Jun 2024

Osasere Sofia is a Fashion Marketing and Business student from the London Metropolitan University. She secured a Risk and Compliance Consultant role at FDM through Bright Network. 

First, we’d love for you to tell us a little about yourself. 

"I have a passion for fashion, which is why I chose to study fashion at university." 

"However, I ended up discovering that I was also passionate about finance and consultancy, and that I enjoyed assisting businesses in succeeding, which is why I chose to look for opportunities in the finance sector."

What motivated you to apply for your role?  

"The company’s values surrounding diversity and inclusion really aligned with my personal values."

What was your application journey like?

"Quite surprising, as there were a lot of steps, such as different interviews and applications to go through before securing the role." 

"I was 101% prepared!"  

"I had mentors who helped me, so I felt confident with all the tips I received."  

How did Bright Network help you secure your role?  

"Bright Network provided me with tips about what strengths and skills the role was looking for."

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What have you learnt going through the process?  

"To never give up on your dreams and to not settle for less."

Tell us about the future. What’s next?  

"I look forward to succeeding in the corporate world and to see myself growing and gaining knowledge to help businesses succeed."  

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Bright Network member, Osasere Sofia
Osasere Sofia, London Metropolitan University
FDM Group, Risk and Compliance Consultant