Graduate insight into securing a Training Contract with Ashurst

Created on 26 Oct 2017

We caught up with Chelsea Kwakye, who's a third-year student reading History at the University of Cambridge. She spoke to us about securing a Training Contract with Ashurst - well done Chelsea!

During my second year, I knew that I had vague interests in a variety of industries and therefore, my main challenge was finding a career that I could sustain a prolonged interest in. Through Bright Network, I was able to narrow down my options and best of all, they provided me with the tools to do so! After uploading my CV, I was surprised to see the vast range of careers which were perfectly suited to my skills. Best of all, Bright Network directed me to events for both Black and female students – both important intersectionalities which shape my identity. Through such events, I have been able to meet and create a network of people who may end up being clients or, better still, friends in the near future. 

As a student, you barely have enough time to sleep let alone trail the internet for jobs! In the midst of receiving many emails daily, I was always relieved to receive an email from Bright Network which contained all the information I needed about my future career prospects (hyperlinked!). On the website, everything is explained in a clear and concise way, making things easier to find and generally, less time-consuming. But, best of all… it’s FREE. 

I found it reassuring to know that Bright Network not only provided you with opportunities but also worked as a support system. The article ‘what to do if you get a 2.2?’ not only confronts some of our main fears but provides a pragmatic solution to getting the best career that is suited to you. Bright Network extends beyond ‘graduate jobs’ but more importantly, encourages the life skills needed to reach your full potential within graduate jobs. 

The weekly ‘Commercial Awareness’ emails were particularly useful in helping me prepare for my training contract interview. Whilst focusing on my degree, I was able to keep up to date with the most important news ranging from the financial sector to the creative industry. I truly believe that this was formative in helping me understand the relationship between different sectors and how that impacts global and local businesses. Perhaps most importantly, the website has helped me to understand that information is best communicated when it is concise and useful. 

With the help of Bright Network and a lot of hard work, I looking forward to starting my training contract with Ashurst in 2020! I am excited to challenge myself in new ways and have my own specialist knowledge. 

My top tip to others would be to use this time, while you are still young, to explore all available options. It is important to know what you don’t like as much as what you do like.

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Bright Network member, Chelsea
Chelsea, University of Cambridge
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