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Society of the Year Awards 2022: The winners

Society of the Year Awards 2022 are now over. We're delighted to share the winning societies for each of the ten award categories this year, and the fantastic partner firms that sponsored the awards this year. 

Society of the Year Awards - Winners 

Commercial Awareness Award (Sponsored by KPMG): Warwick India Forum

Diversity & Inclusion Award (Sponsored by P&G): Warwick Professional LGBTUA+ & Allies Network (PLAN) - Society of the Year 2022

Impact on Campus Award (Sponsored by Budweiser): Durham University Women in STEM

Impact on Community Award (Sponsored by Police Now): Cambridge Femtech Society

Innovation Award (Sponsored by Visa): QMUL Hyperlink Hyperloop

Language & Culture Award (Sponsored by AlphaSights): Nottingham Arab Society

Legal Leaders Award (Sponsored by Reed Smith): Nottingham Pro Bono Society

Sustainable and Ethical Society Award (Sponsored by CBRE GWS): Warwick Africa Summit

Wellbeing Award (Sponsored by Lloyds Banking Group): Leeds Suicide Support and Awareness for Everyone

Women’s Society Award (Sponsored by Bloomberg): Leeds Women in Leadership Society


President of the Year 2022 (sponsored by EY) - Finalists

Lucas Touw (Edinburgh Napier University, Formula Student Team Napier) - President of Year 2022

Gaia Ferro & Lily Howarth (University of East Anglia, Headucate UEA)

Joshua Kwamya (University of Warwick, African & Caribbean Society)

Megan Suckling (University of Leeds, Sexpression: Leeds)

Muminoor Rahman (London School of Economics, Bangla Society)