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Luke: Software Developer at TPP

Book open Reading time: 2 mins

I grew up in Bradford (a few miles from Leeds) and after graduating in 2009, I was determined to get back to my Yorkshire roots. I saw TPP’s advert next to one of the Engineering Department vending machines, noted down the details and sent off my application. Soon after, I received a call from one of the Software Developers at TPP, we had a quick chat and I immediately realised it was the place for me. After my interview and job offer, I even had the chance to go travelling around the USA for a few months before beginning my new career.

Within about two weeks of starting I was given the challenge of improving how SystmOne’s appointment booking process worked. I remember how great it was to work on something so important that early on in my career, and I also remember how good my new teammates were at teaching and helping me through something which was, to be honest, a very daunting task for someone fairly new to coding!

After six years at TPP, I can honestly say that I’m still given challenging work. Recently I led a team in charge of testing our Disaster Recovery solution that involved co-ordinating with lots of different teams across the company. The project was really successful and I’m very proud of the part I played.

For developers, TPP is a genuinely unique place to work. I am not just asked to write code in a cubicle – for example, in the last two years I’ve become responsible for our developer recruitment strategy, led Health Bureau meetings in China and performed several sessions at our national user group conference. I still love writing code but for me, it’s the combination of technical work alongside everything else which keeps me working at TPP.

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