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The Vodafone Group: Best employer for women

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Despite decades of measures to support greater gender equality, women remain under-represented in many workplaces.

Vodafone’s long-term ambition is to become an employer whose track record in attracting and retaining female talent is so strong that they are widely considered to be the world’s best employer for women by 2025.

They have a number of programmes already underway to support that goal, including:

  • Quarterly tracking of their 2020 global target of 30% women in management and leadership roles across their markets and functions
  • A focus on the importance of gender balance and inclusion in the induction programmes for all senior leaders across Vodafone
  • A new ‘unconscious bias’ programme to raise awareness of unintended behaviours that have the effect of undermining a woman’s confidence in a company’s commitment to gender equality
  • A range of mentoring, coaching, training and peer support programmes for women including their Women’s Networks, active in 18 local markets
  • High-profile senior leadership support for activities intended to promote women’s achievements including a global webinar led by their Group Chief Executive to mark International Women’s Day and their Women in Red Awards
  • Innovative and award-winning global programmes to support mothers and mothers-to-be
  • Flexible working and home working policies, taking advantage of Vodafone’s remote working technologies which are designed to make it easier for women and men to balance family and work commitments.

If you feel inspired by the sound of working for a company that empowers women globally, take a look at Vodafone’s latest opportunities here.