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Adaptability: The mindset for growth

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AlphaSights is one of the fastest-growing firms in the UK and appeared 21st in last year's Virgin Fast Track 100 - a list of the UK's fastest growing firms.

However this accolade doesn’t answer the important questions surrounding our growth. For instance what drives it? What does it actually take? And what does it mean for the people who work in a fast-growing company? 

The media can give the illusion success was inevitable for some start-ups and their growth was a smooth process. For instance, AirBnB ‘just made sense’ after the 2008 credit crunch and Uber was the natural successor to traditional taxi services. Yet great ideas don't mean overnight success - it takes time, hard work and a number of other factors to make a company work.

Here are three concepts we believe are key to understanding a company's growth.

1. Growth doesn’t happen by accident

We all tend to glamourise entrepreneurship and the small businesses who've made it big. But what about all the hard work, tough decisions and competing priorities? How often do we think about the strategic choices and managerial abilities that sparked a company’s growth?

A key measure of success for start-ups is revenue growth - this is a product of hard graft and dedication from the whole team involved. 

2. Different parts grow at different speeds

High growth can highlight weaknesses in a firm's infrastructure and its ability to scale accordingly. Huge sales put strain on an operations department that doesn’t have the resources to manage the step change effectively.

However this challenge is also an opportunity to contribute beyond your role and to drive the business forward.

3. The right kind of ambition

Many of our candidates are attracted by AlphaSights growth - however we look for more than simple ambition. We want people with the right mindset, who can handle the challenges that come with a high energy company as well as contribute to its success. A key attribute is adaptability – life in a high growth company can be hairy, chaotic and riddled with challenges. We look for people who flourish in a wide range of situations.

At AlphaSights we see instability as inspiring. The numerous challenges represent opportunities and there is always the ability to improve, driving the company forward at the same time. If you share this entrepreneurial thinking, AlphaSights could be the place for you.