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How I did it: Edoardo tells about his Vacation Scheme with Covington

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Edoardo participated in the Covington Mentoring Programme in 2019 and attended the Virtual Vacation Scheme in June 2020. He is a current trainee at Covington.

Tell us about yourself and your journey into law 

I am an Italian law student going into my third year at Durham University; I have studied at international schools in Italy and France. My path into commercial law was not set from the start of university but rather grew on me as I realised that I would have the chance to meet and work with smart, driven people while doing being involved in  high level international work. In my second year of university I applied to multiple vacation schemes and took part in the Covington vacation scheme. 

What stood out to you about Covington?

Over my multiple interactions with the firm, even before the vacation scheme, Covington set itself apart from other firms due to its small trainee intake and high profile clients. I was looking to join a small intake  as it makes for a closer group, where everyone knows each other, and trainees are valued as individuals. I was also drawn to Covington due to its expertise in the life sciences and tech sectors which I find fascinating. 

What is the culture like at the firm?

Despite the vacation scheme being held virtually this year due to Covid-19,  I was still able to get a sense of the culture and friendliness of the lawyers at Covington. Everyone at the firm was open to providing tips and suggestions and was genuinely interested in our journey and interests. This stood out to me, and showed a strong team spirit and a willingness to help.

What would be your top tip to members going through the application process?

My top tip would be to get involved in any opportunities to meet with firms and people within the legal sector. It’s hard to understand the subtle differences between firms and areas of law at university: open days & networking events  allow you to do so. These events will also give you specific knowledge of  firms allowing you to apply for vacation schemes and training contracts with confidence.

Did Bright Network help you secure this role and, if so, how?

Bright Network presented me with opportunities that helped me secure a place on Covington’s vacation scheme. First was the Future Lawyers Top 100 event, which was my first chance to meet Covington and its lawyers and learn about the firm, its areas of expertise and its international work. I also gained an invaluable insight into Covington through the Covington’s mentorship programme in partnership with Bright Network. I was given a mentor partner,  who provided me a first-hand insight into the firm that I wouldn’t have had without her. The event and the programme helped me foster a relationship with the firm which was crucial in assessing if I was right for the firm & vice versa.

Anything else to add?

I think it’s important to take advantage of all the free resources available on Bright Network. The application process is stressful and is inherently made of rejections and setbacks. My advice would be not to get discouraged as these will make you a better candidate and lead to the right firm for you.


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