Insights at EY: Consulting career progression

Juliet went from starting the EY graduate programme to Account Director in Consulting in just nine years.  Juliet has been a Director in Financial Services, based in the London, Canary Wharf office, for two years. FInd out more about EY.

Changing Direction

She studied Mechanical Engineering at Bristol, graduating in 2005 and later that year began work for a blue chip UK engineering company. When she decided it wasn’t for her, she applied for the EY Graduate Programme in 2007. In her words, ‘the Graduate Programme gave me the opportunity to try different things to find out what I wanted to do’. As soon as she finished the programme in March 2009, she was promoted to Executive in Financial Services Consulting. 

Early days

Juliet joined EY the week the credit crunch really started and her first few working years were defined by banks downsizing, reducing costs or closing down. She’s looking forward to the day when she can set up a bank!


After 18 months, Juliet was promoted to Manager and shortly after, in January 2011 seconded to the Business Development team, still in London. She was offered a permanent role there in 2012 and later that same year was promoted to Senior Manager. In 2014 she was promoted to Director.

Breadth of Conversations

Now, as she manages one of EY’s core banking clients, Juliet’s role is to join up EY services with the bank’s requirements and manage that relationship. It means her role spans all the service lines and she finds the breadth of conversations she gets involved in fascinating – they can span tax legislation through to advanced strategy, offshoring, cost reduction or Brexit – within the space of hours.

Global Scope

In 2009 Juliet worked on a large project for a global insurer – looking at their operating model and having to travel to the Czech Republic, Poland, Latvia, Lithuania and Russia. She found the whole experience stretching, exciting and a real eye opener to see the different state of the markets in each country from an insurance perspective.

Life changes

In 2015, Juliet went on maternity leave to have her daughter. She found that her return to work provided opportunities to really refocus and decide where she wanted her career to go. In 2016 she re-joined the business in an account director role.

The Future 

Juliet plans to stay in Financial Services as she has the domain knowledge. Her next goal is to develop her career with a view to becoming Partner. 

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