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Application advice from Hill Dickinson

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If you’re looking to secure a role at Hill Dickinson, this article is the perfect place to start. You’ll hear exclusive tips from the Emerging Talent team and hear first-hand advice from current trainees on how you can stand out in the application process.

From the Emerging Talent team

Here’s the Top 3 Tips from our Emerging Talent team on how to ace your application…

  • Do your homework – before you apply for a training contract, decide what is important to you in a potential employer. Set your criteria and do some research - then ensure you bring this with you throughout the various stages of the application process.
  • Make your first impression a good one - take your time on all elements of the application and ensure you answer each part in full. Stick to the word limits provided and check your spelling and grammar.
  • Be sure Hill Dickinson is the right firm for you - we want applicants to really get to know us first before they decide to apply. Law fairs and our insight schemes are a great opportunity to do this.

From current trainees

Our current trainees share their advice on how to shine in the application process...

"Don’t take a scattergun approach, decide on the specific brand of firm you want to work at and why, then focus your applications to a select few. Firms want to know why you have specifically chosen them and that you have a clear idea of the type of firm you want to work at." - Amy Campbell, former trainee and now NQ in Manchester

"Don’t waste your time applying for every law firm possible. Firstly, have a think about areas of law that you realistically see yourself enjoying and find the firms that have training seats in those areas. For me those areas of law are in healthcare and so Hill Dickinson’s health only training contract was perfect." - Ian Leslie, current trainee in Liverpool

"Before you start applying, decide what kind of law you want to practise and what kind of firm you want to work for. Once you know both of these you can target your applications and they are likely to be more successful. If you don’t know the kind of law or the kind of firm, then seek out opportunities to experience different aspects of law. Attend open days. Go to online and in person recruitment events. Hopefully these things will assist you to work it out." - Lucy Wickham, current trainee in London

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