London Business School Early Career Programmes Scholarship Portfolio

If you have decided to submit an application to the Early Career programmes at London Business School (Masters in Management, Global Masters in Management and Masters in Financial Analysis), you may have already researched the benefits of studying here, employment opportunities and the network you will gain as a student at the School. Once you have a strong understanding of how London Business School can help your academic, professional and personal development, it is also important to start researching your financing options. A Masters degree is a big investment in your career and future and there is a wide range of financial support available to help you both from London Business School and externally. This blog is designed to give students a better understanding of the selection criteria for London Business School scholarships.

Students accepted in the Early Career programmes at London Business School have access to two types of scholarships: merit-based and bursary scholarships.

Merit-based scholarships do not require an application and candidates will be automatically considered for these upon receiving an offer from the Admissions Committee.  When reviewing candidates for a merit-based scholarship, the Scholarship Committee takes into consideration academic, personal and professional achievements but also the strength of the application and interview for our programmes. Alongside a good academic record, strong internships and a clear focus in their career path, potential scholars will need to showcase a great deal of motivation for becoming a student at London Business School. We expect our scholars to be active members of the community and act as ambassadors of the programme and the School. This can often be demonstrated through extracurricular activities on campus in your undergraduate degree or showing through your application and interview that you have already reflected on the ways in which you can contribute to the London Business School community. Antonio from the Masters in Management (MIM) Class of 2016 is only one example of the high quality students joining our programmes every year:

“I am a Portuguese national who lived in Lisbon since birth, with the exception of a semester abroad in France.  I completed my Bachelors degree at Nova School of Business and Economics, where I have built solid foundations in economic analysis.  In parallel to my academic studies, I had a career as a gymnast, which was highlighted by the participation in two European Championships (2010 and 2012) and the 1st place in two National Championships (2009 and 2014). While my professional and academic experiences taught me the contents required to have success in the future, having the opportunity to be part of a team without equal taught me the importance of discipline, hard work, cooperation and persistence in the pursuit of the goals that one defines. Adding to this, I was a part-time Usher during my undergraduate degree at Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation and a summer intern at Banco Popular and Banco Invest. While the first allowed me to develop strong communication and teamwork skills, the latter allowed me to have an understanding of the financial sector that I hope to be a highly valuable asset for my post-programme position.”

Bursary scholarships require an application and this can only be submitted once you have received an offer from the Admissions Committee at the School. In order to be reviewed for a bursary scholarship, you will need to provide information on the estimated costs of your year at London Business School and how you expect to fund your studies in the absence of a bursary award. Bursary scholarships are awarded on both financial aid and merit.

Full information on both merit-based scholarships and bursaries can be found on our website here.

London Business School encourages candidates to explore all scholarship and financing opportunities available to them in their home country or country of residence. Sources can include charitable organisations, government agencies and the local British Council Office. In addition to these independent sources of funding, candidates are able to apply to the Prodigy – London Business School Loan Scheme.

Kathleen Bell from the Financial Aid Office at London Business School has provided more information on the loan opportunities available to students in previous blogs which can be found here.