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Your CV is a crucial part of any application and will often be the first thing an employer sees of you. Our CV template will help you produce a well-presented, well-formatted one page CV, giving you the competitive edge when applying for leading internships and grad schemes.

Download Bright Network's CV template just here.

When putting together a stand-out CV, remember these tips:

Only include relevant information

Your CV shouldn't be more than a page at this point in your career. You can always cover additional points in your cover letter and if you make it to the interview, that's the time to flesh out your experience.

Make sure it's easy to read

Use clear sections and titles, bullet points to break up long paragraphs. Bite-sized chunks are much easier to navigate than a long piece of narrative.

Check for errors

Graduate recruiters are inundated with CVs and spelling mistakes are a quick way to sort the wheat from the chaff. Even small grammatical errors suggest you have poor attention to detail and could put you out of the running - make sure they're banished from your CV.

Focus on results

Employers want to know the impact of your actions, they don't just want to see a list of the tasks on your CV. Highlight your specific involvement in activities and how you made a difference - don't be shy about emphasising areas you excelled in.

And if you have any questions, see advice and get in touch!