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About Alliance Healthcare Ltd

We are the leading wholesaler of healthcare products in the UK serving over 17,000 pharmacies, doctors, hospitals and health centres from our 12 Service Centres across the UK.

Our offering

Alliance Healthcare offers a broad range of healthcare solutions from the beginning to the end of the business cycle. If you’re a healthcare company, we can support your business at every stage of the value chain, from clinical trials during product development and launch to patient support, marketing, and the healthcare supply chain.

If you’re a pharmacist, our solutions can support every area of your business, from wholesale distribution to patient support and pharmacy management. We offer a selection of services designed to boost customer satisfaction, optimize patient care and compliance, and support your role as a healthcare provider and an entrepreneur.

We also offer services for healthcare practitioners, including medical institutions, doctors, and hospitals. Whether you require wholesale support, medical supplies, or additional patient support, Alliance Healthcare’s services can help you meet the increasing demands associated with patient care.

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