Clancy Consulting

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About Clancy Consulting

We’re a specialist engineering consultancy delivering creative engineering designs that work for today and for future generations.

Working across the UK, we produce first-rate solutions to the most difficult engineering problems.

We help developers, land owners and end-users resolve unexpected constraints and build brilliant schemes.

It’s our person-centred approach that sets us apart. Our strength lies in the way we invest in our staff and promote a culture of trust and teamwork, making us better able to deliver your solution.

As a Clancy employee, your wellbeing and development are our primary concerns. We strive for a company culture that’s collaborative, respectful and inclusive, with a strong commitment towards diversity and inclusion.

Every Clancy staff member feels adequately supported in their work and their development. Effort and achievements are always recognised and rewarded, ensuring people are judged on merit rather than immutable characteristics.

As well as the work we do to foster the right working environment for our teams, we also listen. We welcome feedback and understand that we’re on a never-ending quest for improvement. This laser-like focus on evolution solidifies our commitment to a positive company culture and empowers our staff to deliver engineering excellence.

Our sustainable approach to engineering means Clancy staff can take pride in providing great work, not just for today, but for future generations

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