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Industrial Light & Magic

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About Industrial Light & Magic

Founded by George Lucas in 1971, Lucasfilm is a fully integrated entertainment company. The Lucas companies include Lucasfilm, Lucasfilm Animation, Industrial Light & Magic, Skywalker Sounds and ILMxLAB. From our legacy of groundbreaking visual effects to award winning sounds design and now paving the way for immersive entertainment, we're in the business of telling great stories and making magic.

Industrial Light & Magic started a revolution in the world of filmmaking with the release of Star Wars in 1977. Since then ILM has grown into a global company with studios in San Francisco, Singapore, Vancouver and London. The ILM name has become synonymous with innovative visual effects work and the company continues to be recognised leader in the field. We continue to provide filmmakers with the ability to tell stories in ways not previously possible, allowing only their imagination to limit what can be achieved. 

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