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Pharmaceuticals & Science
About Takeda

Takeda is a patient-focused, values-based, R&D-driven global biopharmaceutical company committed to bringing Better Health and a Brighter Future to people worldwide. Our passion and pursuit of potentially life-changing treatments for patients are deeply rooted in over 230 years of distinguished history in Japan.

We are a top 15 Global Pharmaceutical company, with over 50,000 employees across the globe – with over 300 colleagues working in the UK. 

Better health and a brighter future for the world is what we all wish for those around us.  This was no different in 1781 when Takeda’s founder, Chobei I, established his principles for our new company.

So much has changed in the last two centuries. The understanding of causes of disease, scientific advancements improving diagnosis and treatment has changed the course of many patients’ lives and eradicated some diseases completely.

But what has not changed is our core principles – to achieve the best outcomes for patients, to build trust and reinforce our reputation which continues today to motivate how we do business.

Our values have been passed down through generations of unwavering support for patients. Integrity, Fairness, Honesty and Perseverance - what we call Takeda-ism - define our role in society and it is these values that we look for in our employees.

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