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What is involved in a job in Infrastructure & Energy?

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For ambitious graduates who want to maintain the lifeblood of our society, a role in infrastructure or energy can be ideal. Here’s an overview of everything you need to know about a career in energy and infrastructure. 

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Careers in infrastructure and energy

The infrastructure landscape is fertile ground, not only for opportunities to show how talented you are but for the extent that you’ll encounter new initiatives defining our future. Since infrastructure encompasses networks, materials and transport methods, you’ll be leading the charge towards greater standards of modern living. 

Although it’s a daunting prospect to conceive of as a single entity, the UK’s infrastructure glues our cities, towns, and economic frameworks together, giving graduates the chance to find work anywhere in the country. This diversity extends to the roles themselves, which can encompass planning, PR, data analysis, and engineering, amongst too many other areas to count. Whether you’re a brainiac with numbers and statistics or someone who can inspire people to do amazing things, there’s a position waiting for you. 

Energy comprises petroleum, gas, electrical, coal, nuclear and renewable energies – whether that’s the generation, distribution or sale of it. When so much depends on the skilful management and research of our energy capabilities in the 21st century, every related skill set must perform together to power our homes, cities and appliances. There aren’t many areas that a graduate can’t excel in – from engineers and strategists to sales and advisory roles, there’s no shortage of career paths open to someone who’s passionate about the industry making everything possible. 

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Typical roles in this sector

There are a plethora of roles available for different skillsets and interests in the energy and infrastructure sector, here are just a few you could encounter...


Machines, structures and digital components need to be built intelligently; engineers work out how to do it, forming every physical system and application we use. 


Using applied research to scope out the properties of an environment, geologists give infrastructure projects solid ground for development. 

Project Manager 

Large teams have to be overseen by someone able to coordinate budgets, planning, and manpower for the best results. 


A role that makes all others more efficient, analysts formulate a picture of what resources are being used where, sorting through massive swathes of data. 

Environmental Consultant

Organisations in energy and infrastructure should have an expert by their side to advise them on regulations. Consultants help minimise waste, risks, and harmful emissions. 

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What you can expect to earn

Energy and infrastructure can be a highly paid career to get into. Depending on your role and skillset, a graduate in an entry-level role or graduate scheme in energy and infrastructure can earn from £21,000 to £35,000. For example, as a graduate environmental consultant, you can expect to earn a salary from £21,000 - £25,000, depending on your range of skills and years of experience. 

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Skills you need for this sector 

  • Good analytical and problem-solving skills
  • An interest in developing technical know-how and/or an understanding of how things work 
  • Good teamwork and management skills
  • Good people skills - projects in this sector involve lots of different parties and stakeholders, you'll be willing to learn how to handle varying personalities and characters
  • Flexibility to work outdoors, offshore or abroad

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Top graduate employers 

Infrastructure and energy careers are incredibly varied, but there are a few big employers to watch out for:

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How do I apply?

Like any other sector, companies will advertise positions on their website, and some national job portals. You can fill in separate applications when you stumble across them or, alternatively, streamline the process by regularly checking our Bright Network careers page

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Did you know...

  • Oil and gas still represent the UK’s biggest employers in this sector; alternative fuel extraction methods, such as shale drilling, are expected to create thousands of new jobs. 
  • By some estimates, 9,000 new power construction positions will have to be filled over the next decade as nuclear investment starts to take off. 
  • International opportunities are rife in this line of work, since exports and imports have to be negotiated, along with research collaboration.
  • Lawyers are also in high demand for finalising construction bids and settling disputes. 
  • Britain is a leading light for driverless car technology, which will transform our road networks over the next 10-20 years. 


Whilst it’s very difficult to sum up all the roads you can take for a career in infrastructure and energy, we hope this guide has shed light on the demands of the sector as a whole. If you’re motivated, a natural communicator, and able to see how ideas are brought to reality by their smaller constituents, then you’ll thrive in this environment. 

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