A Day in the Life of A Marketing Executive

A Marketing Executive is involved in a varied role that essentially includes implementation of marketing projects to support a brand. It’s a demanding role where you need to juggle many tasks throughout the day.

To give you an insight into just what the life of a Marketing Executive is like, we asked a recent graduate to outline what you can expect on a typical day working for a large brand organisation...



I check email and action anything urgent. As we’re a global organisation much communication comes in overnight, especially from the States. I’ll also prepare mock ups and overviews of current campaigns I’m working on so that these can be shown to colleagues for an update and approval.


Coffee meeting with my Marketing & Communications colleagues where we catch up on projects and deal with any urgent campaigns. It’s also a chance where I can get my Manager and the department Director to approve a new brochure I’m working on and get feedback on design and straplines for an online advertising campaign we’re putting together.   

Every other week, we also use this time to discuss current trends and generally what’s happening in the media and what we’ve thought has been an interesting campaign/news story this week.


Once I have sign offs and approval on my work, I crack on with these and get them to the next level. This may involve liaison with the designer, to change/amend layout or icons. I might work on some new copy and also chat to some printers to get updated quotes on a new spec for a brochure we need printed.



Break for lunch.

Along with my manager, I sometimes meet with printers or our advertising booking agency to chat about potential new work and current state of campaigns. This is often a good time to hear what they’re up to and who else they’re working with – always good to check out the competition!


Back in the office, I finish working on some stats and insights following an online advertising campaign which has finished.  I need to compare this with sales of our product and work out whether we’ve made any profit. This involves chatting with our Sales team as well as our advertising agency, and liaising with our web team to discover number of hits and click-throughs to our website. I’ve been working on this for a few weeks now and it needs completion for a meeting later in the day.

Online campaigns are great as they’re so measurable so if it’s successful it’s so satisfying to be able to communicate this back to the company. I also check emails throughout the afternoon and respond to colleagues’ queries.


Meeting with the Managing Director, Production, Sales and Editorial teams. Along with my manager, we need to present our findings and success rate of this recent advertising campaign.  We showcase a PowerPoint document along with graphs and screen grabs of our campaign.


Finish up and action any urgent emails. The phone rarely rings – it’s always emails!