Life as a graduate after 1, 3 and 5 years at: Alpha FMC

Three of Alpha FMC's current/former graduates tell us about their time and experiences at Alpha FMC.

Emily - 1 Year

Working at Alpha for a year has exceeded all my expectations. Alpha provides a unique combination of a high performing environment within which your personal development and goals are supported. I have worked on three different client projects since I started. The first two were relatively short (4-8 weeks long). The final project has been 6 months so far (and counting!). This third, and longest, project has been an implementation of a new CRM system for a global asset manager. Working for a client on a more long-term basis has given me an opportunity to build out my responsibilities and increase my practice knowledge.

Another key part of my first-year experience has been my involvement with business management. At Alpha, every member of the team contributes to the broader company life. For example, I have been involved in launching Alpha’s first pro bono charity initiative through our Charity of the Year partnership. This is one of my favourite things about Alpha so far – no matter what level you are, there is space to shape the company culture.

Divakar  - 3 Years

Upon graduating from university, one of the primary appeals of a career in consulting was the variety of work that I imagined it would entail. During my time at Alpha, I have completed both strategy and implementation projects, covering everything from sales and marketing, through to product development and compliance. I’ve also had the opportunity to work with different types of buy-side firms, including asset and wealth managers, hedge funds, securities services firms and prime brokers. 3 years on, Alpha has certainly delivered on the variety that I had hoped for!

From the first day of my first project on which I was asked to attend a meeting with the COO of a leading wealth manager, I have continually been challenged to take on responsibility beyond my comfort zone. However, Alpha also places huge emphasis on promoting the welfare of its people. For instance, as part of my internal business management responsibilities, I am involved in Alpha’s Diversity & Inclusion programme through which we constantly challenge ourselves to create an environment in which everyone can thrive.

Equally, whilst our projects are typically demanding and fast-paced, Alpha makes efforts promote work-life balance. For instance, regular evening and weekend working is actively discouraged, and requests for extended leave whether to go travelling or focus on extracurricular activities are regularly granted. It is the opportunity to work on interesting projects as part of high performing team, in a firm that places such a high value on the wellbeing on its people that I have most appreciated about my time at Alpha.

Alice - 5 Years

In many ways, I feel like we have grown up with Alpha, and Alpha with us. Joining Alpha as one of the first three graduates was a fantastic opportunity. Five years later I’m writing this from Singapore; my new home for the foreseeable future, which is testament to Alpha’s strengthening global presence, as well as my own professional development.

When I started in 2012 I was excited, but tentative. Everyone at LSE seemed to know exactly where they wanted to be. I had been fortunate enough to work with the Alpha team for four weeks before my final year at university. I studied Maths and Statistics, which was clearly well regarded but I was excited by the prospect of working on something more practical.

During that month, I immediately noticed the energy at Alpha. It was not how I had expected. Everyone was extremely smart but humble, sharp but sincere and, most of all, so sociable and welcoming.

I joined an adolescent Alpha; brilliant and daring. Now, five years on, we have more than tripled in size into a company spanning from San Francisco to Singapore. In that time, I’ve worked on a huge range of projects; middle and back office RFPs and migrations, in-house benchmarking, trading procedures, business cases, digital assessments, process automation, client reporting strategy, order management and risk system implementations; London, Edinburgh, Geneva, Glasgow, Oxford, Singapore.

And the list will continue.

Last winter I was asked if I wanted to come to Asia and, once again, I find myself as one of three, taking the first steps into a new chapter in Alpha’s life. I love all things food-related, so being in Singapore is like a playground for me! Alpha and I have embarked a new journey; it won’t be easy, but it is certainly exciting!