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Working as a Graduate Consultant at Alpha FMC

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What's your story?

I graduated from the University of Nottingham in 2016 with First Class Honours in Physics. After a summer of traveling around China, I joined Alpha FMC’s graduate scheme in September.

Once I had completed all my internal training and achieved my IMC Levels 1 and 2, I joined my first project. This meant I was gaining real project experience at an industry leading asset manager within my first month on the job. Since then I have gained experience across a wide range of projects, and was promoted from Analyst to Consultant in March 2018. Alpha has continued to support my development through internal training and external qualifications, such as the CFA (I completed my Level 1 in December 2017).

Describe a project you've worked on recently?

I recently completed a 6-month project at a global asset manager, where we supported them to re-platform all their European websites. This involved designing and launching around 69 websites in 6 languages, which equates to around 1300+ pages! Strategic client dependencies added to the complexity of this project, meaning it had to be delivered in roughly half the industry standard timeline.

My next project is a 6-week piece helping a leading asset manager redefine their global digital strategy and customer focus.

What's been your favourite moment at Alpha so far?

My favourite moment at Alpha was this year’s ‘Summer Session’, where the entire UK team was flown to Fiuggi in Italy to celebrate another successful year for Alpha. It is always an amazing opportunity to socialise with friends and meet new people who you don’t see day to day. During the event we all take part in different activities. My activity was the vintage car rally, thirty of us drove fabulous vintage cars through the Italian hills to a traditional restaurant where we learnt how to make tagliatelle.

What is your proudest moment at Alpha?

Everyone at Alpha has one or more ‘Business Management’ areas that they focus on. This means we all share the responsibility of making Alpha an awesome place to work. Personally, I focus on CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility), the Gender Equality Committee and producing articles for the M&A practise.

Through my role on the CSR team, I led the initiative to make Alpha a certified Living Wage Employer. This involved a complete review of the salaries of all our support staff (cleaners, receptionist etc) across the London and Edinburgh offices to ensure their salaries were in-line with the London and UK living wages, and raising them where necessary. My proudest moment was when Alpha became a Living Wage Employer in January 2018.

What advice would you give anyone that wanted to join Alpha?

You should absolutely apply! I think you would be hard pressed to find a company that values, supports and grows its people more than Alpha does.

When it comes to the application…

1) Do your research: Have a clear idea of why you want to join Alpha rather than other management consultancy firms. You should also have a good answer for why you are interested in asset management / financial services

2) Be yourself: Let your personality shine through in your application. Everyone at Alpha has something they are interested in outside of work, we would love to know what you are passionate about.