Deutsche Bank: The Importance of Networking

What is networking and why is it so important?

As a student, you've no doubt come across the term "networking." It’s one of those buzz words that you hear a lot but may not completely understand how to do it or when to start. So, when people tell you, "You have to get out there and network!" what are they referring to?

In reality, you’ve probably been networking for years and didn't even realise. Any time you connect with a stranger or acquaintance over a shared interest, you’re networking. Anyone you meet could potentially influence your future career direction.

Here, Deutsche Bank offer tips on who you should be contacting and how to do it. You’ll also learn about where to find these people and the most appropriate ways to reach out. You have nothing to lose by networking and employers are always impressed by proactive individuals.

Hear from her

What do the women at Deutsche Bank think about networking?

“Networking not only helps increase your opportunities, but also helps you learn about yourself. Hearing the experiences of others can help you gauge what you want out of your own near-term future, especially if you’re in your first or second year when you still have a lot of time to navigate these choices.” Abby – Analyst, Global Markets

“Networking is very important. It takes time to build relationships with people, so starting early helps you establish a lead over your peers.” Taylor – Analyst, Equity Research

“It’s never too early to network and it’s a great way to get personal accounts of someone working in a role or industry you may be interested in. Having spoken to someone who works in a firm you are applying to can also be helpful as it may help guide answers to application or interview questions.” Catherine – Analyst, Compliance

“The earlier you start networking, the earlier you get a sense of what a job actually entails and if it’s interesting to you. Narrowing your focus early allows for a concentrated, less stressful, and more successful junior year recruiting season.” Hailey – VP, Markets

So, it’s clear that networking is incredibly important at the early stage of your career. It doesn’t have to be a difficult task but if you don’t embrace it early, you might be a step behind.

How to…

Network like a pro

Often, people are daunted by networking and feel like it comes across as potentially fake and uncomfortable. Some people don’t believe they’re any good at it so they simply don’t bother. But, don’t let any feelings of shyness get the better of you. If you’re able to have a conversation, you’re able to network. The more you do it, the more confident you’ll become.

Start with alumni, mentors, managers, friends, careers staff at schools or universities, teachers or professors, parents and parents’ friend. And consider social media. Start building your LinkedIn network now and connect with people who could be helpful down the line. Follow influential people on Twitter and reach out to them if you think they could offer advice. Attend careers fairs, industry conferences or information sessions that might be relevant and talk to the company representatives and attendees. And start looking for an internship as soon as you’re comfortable. It will give you access to a wide network of professionals as well as build your skills, confidence and knowledge of the industry. Plus, employers often hire full-time from their internship pool, giving you an immediate advantage.

So, have the confidence to speak up - you never know where you will find an opportunity, and often, one contact can lead to others. Then the next thing you know, you'll be a successful professional forging your own path.

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