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Andrew Fu on the Spring into Banking Programme

Book open Reading time: 4 mins

Andrew Fu tells how he went from a Spring into Banking intern to an analyst in Global Transaction Banking at Deutsche Bank

What attracted you to the Spring into Banking programme?

Before Spring into Banking, I had no experience of banking, and very limited experience of being in an office in general. Spring into Banking was a great opportunity for me to experience banking and figure out whether it was a sector I was interested in and also in particular, learn more about Deutsche Bank.

What was your favourite part of the programme?

The days in the office were incredibly valuable. All programme participants are assigned a Buddy as a guide and mine organised a range of meetings for me to sit in on. These gave me a fuller experience of the diversity of teams and possible roles within the Bank as well as first-hand insight into what the culture and people were like.

What skills did the programme help you develop?

Firstly, the programme gave me a crash course into all the different areas that make up a global universal bank such as Deutsche Bank and how they all fit together. It gave me a much greater understanding of what banking is.

“Networking” was a word that was consistently drummed into all of us over the week and the importance of building good relationships with people.

The programme also encouraged curiosity and allowed me to ask questions, regardless of how basic they were. Everybody I met was open and frank about it all.

How would you describe Spring into Banking to a friend?

Spring into Banking is a great opportunity to get a sense of what banks are like if you are considering it as a possible career path. You will make a lot of friends and meet a lot of Deutsche Bank employees who are incredibly friendly and happy to talk about their work and experiences.

What was it about Spring into Banking that inspired you to apply for the Deutsche Bank Internship Programme?

The programme gives you exposure to all the different areas that make up Deutsche Bank, but it also enables you to dive into a particular division. In this sense, it arguably provides a more structured approach than other programmes where you do not choose the exact area, or others where you are placed in a particular division for the whole duration of the programme and you don’t get to see the whole picture.

How do you think Spring into Banking equipped you for your internship?

The most important thing that I got from Spring into Banking was a network within Deutsche Bank which I could use to help me both prepare for the internship and also perform during the internship. For example, I was able to leverage the network to help me prepare for the interviews pre-internship, and also during the internship when we had to give a presentation on a cross-divisional topic.

How did the Internship Programme help you decide on a full time career at Deutsche Bank?

I thoroughly enjoyed my experience during the internship. I felt like I was given genuinely useful work where I could add value and my managers were also willing to sit down and mentor me, and not just see me as “another intern”. They put a lot of thought in the work they gave me, making sure that I was given the opportunity to learn and develop. 

The rotational structure meant I could experience two different sections of Global Transaction Banking and, along with the research project we were given, I was able to develop a good general understanding of the entire business.

How would you describe the culture and working environment at the Bank?

The culture was one of the main attractions for me. There is a really nice environment here, everybody I have spoken to has made time for me - even if they’re busy, they are more than willing to schedule something in later. Questions and opinions are encouraged and I have always been made to feel part of the team. 

What advice and tips do you have for first year students looking to join the Spring into Banking programme?

I would urge them to apply, even if they’re not sure whether banking is for them - it is a programme that will provide great insight, good contacts and will be great for their CV. Also, during the programme, they should have fun and take the opportunity to get to know people, both Deutsche Bank employees and their fellow participants.


Spring into Banking is a one-week introduction to a career in financial services. Packed with skills sessions, job shadowing and networking opportunities, it gives you a real flavour of what it takes to succeed in our world, while taking a crucial first step in your career journey. You’ll be exposed to different areas of the Bank, and over a couple of days will have the opportunity to shadow various desks within a division to see what goes on behind the scenes. It is open to first-year students from all degree disciplines completing a three-year degree or second-year students completing a four-year degree.