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Find out more: From studying archaeology and history to working in Business Operations

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George is currently two years into his Business Operations graduate role at Fidelity. We caught up with him to hear about his experiences at Fidelity and why it's an excellent firm to work for.

Tell me about yourself

I studied Archaeology and History because I enjoyed it but never considered being an Indiana Jones type. During my degree, I got some experience in Operations by working in processes and problem solving.

Why Fidelity?

While I was researching banking and finance companies, Fidelity stood out to me because it was a large organisation - roughly 7,000 people across the business - but with a small and tight knit graduate intake. Despite being an asset management firm they aren’t hugely traditional and we're incredibly technology driven. Everyone is incredibly nice in my office in Surrey and we all know each another even though it’s a huge office.

How did you get up to speed on financial elements to the role? 

My job is incredibly varied and we do five lots of six month rotations. I worked in the Pension service centre initially, which meant I was on the phones regularly discussing the finance and pension products Fidelity offers. The reason we work in the contact centres is so we can work directly with our clients and get to know them. It’s an incredibly fast paced environment and good fun.

On joining, I received all the training I needed in my first five weeks but there are always top ups and opportunities to learn more. I have gone from not knowing really anything about finance to being well grounded in pensions, fund management, project management, product structure as well as important soft skills. 

What’s your boss and team like? 

As a graduate you report to your Director or Associate Director. I have a really approachable and experienced line manager, who is really supportive. If I ever want more projects or want to be further challenged, we are encouraged to have those conversations.

There’s a great graduate network which is really helpful, especially when you start. I have a buddy, Murray, who's been at the firm for a year now. There's only 6 Operations graduates in total so we all know each other really well and bounce ideas off each other. 

What’s the most rewarding thing about your role? 

We conduct regular Net Promoter Scoring based on our interactions, so we can find out how satisfied clients are with us. I have received a few bottles of wine and vouchers for my high scores and excellent feedback. At Fidelity we are incredibly innovative and we are always trying to ‘disrupt’ the market with great ideas. Currently I'm working on revolutionising the process for client solutions, which I'll be reporting back to the Director with my colleagues in the near future. This is incredibly exciting and gives me the opportunity to truly change our department and the way we do things. 

What advice do you have for those considering applying? 

Fidelity is more than just an asset management firm. We’re incredibly supportive of one another and there are a whole host of roles available for all skill sets. In Operations it’s all about building relationships, project management and improving processes to make sure the business functions better. You just need the transferrable skills – after university I worked in B&Q which helped me understanding processes and problem solving. You need a passion for people management and have an analytical and solutions focused mind. 

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