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Diversity & Inclusion at Fidelity International

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When you join us, you’ll find that we care deeply about creating a supportive atmosphere where everyone feels valued and free to be themselves. It’s the right thing to do. It also makes our culture richer and our business stronger.

We’ve made huge progress in terms of diversity and inclusion. We’ve created diversity & inclusion networks, made measurable increases in our workforce diversity and evolved our people initiatives all across our organisation. And we’re committed to improving every day – finding new ways to create an environment where everyone, no matter who they are, feels like they belong.

We have set three company-wide priorities for our global Diversity and Inclusion strategy:

Diversity - Increasing the diversity of people at all levels of our organisation

Inclusivity - Strengthening our inclusive culture where everyone’s voice is heard

Reputation - Enhancing our presence with clients and communities as an inclusive company

To make sure we're able to deliver real change we're concentrating on five global priorities: Cultural Diversity, LGBT+, Enable, Gender, and Social Mobility. And we do more than talk - we act. Our activities include extensive campaign and awareness work, events, programmes, collaborations, and partnerships. Each Diversity and Inclusion priority has defined objectives incorporated into our business goals, and we use data to track progress, as well as measure and audit our performance. We hold senior leaders accountable for our Diversity and Inclusion agenda, and ensure they are driving it from the top.

We also have signed up to several initiatives, including the Valuable 500, the DWP Disability Confident scheme level, the Race at Work Charter, the Women in Finance Charter, and the UN LGBTI Standards of Conduct for Business. We want to look at ourselves objectively, using best-practice standards, and listening to thought leadership so we can continue our journey to being the most inclusive we can be.