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Putting culture, diversity, and CSR at our core

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At Osborne Clarke, Diversity & Inclusion, CSR and ESG are at the heart of our culture and who we are as a firm.

We believe that taking care of our people, our communities, and the world at large is not only simply the right thing to do, it’s fundamental to our futures. This is key in ensuring the success of our firm, the well-being of our employees, and the positive impact we have on the planet.

D&I: creating inspiring and inclusive spaces

Diversity is one of the most highly prized attributes of Osborne Clarke.

But knowing that a diverse workplace doesn’t necessarily mean an inclusive one, we’re committed to uncovering our blind spots and making sure everyone enjoys the same opportunities regardless of who they are, who they love, or where they come from.

Through our internal networks and alongside our partnerships with external organisations including Stonewall and Rare we aim to highlight and address inequalities and ensure Osborne Clarke is a workplace that works for everybody.

Using the RARE contextual recruitment tool has meant that approximately 12% of training contracts in 2020 were given to students who may not have been invited to interview were it not for the tool. 

Our active support includes…

  • Signing up to the Women in Law Pledge
  • Signing both the Race at Work Charter and the Race Fairness Commitment
  • Implementing the RARE contextual recruitment system
  • Becoming a Stonewall Diversity Champion

Our networks

OC for Good: shaping the future of our firm

The OC networks are part of a broader set of aims and activities which are captured in three pillars, under our over-arching OC for Good initiative.

Our 3 pillars…

Within each of these areas, there are countless initiatives and projects with fantastic opportunities for you to get involved with the issues lying closest to your heart. Have other ideas about what we could be doing? We want to hear them. Because within this rapidly evolving space there’s always ways to do things better.

Good Corporate Citizen

We take our responsibilities to society seriously and try to make a difference across four areas of impact: education, environment, equality, and poverty.

The dedication and passion of our volunteers makes a real and measurable impact across our wider community, as well as within the firm, and we’re incredibly proud of what they’ve achieved.

Good Business

Ethical procurement, fair supplier management, open dialogue with our stakeholders, and good governance -  are all part of what we are. We work to make sure that we do business in a fair and sustainable way.

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