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Training and Development at Osborne Clarke

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Training and Development at Osborne Clarke

We chatted with Osborne Clarke to find out about their amazing training and development opportunities.

What does training and development look like at Osborne Clarke?

Your training at Osborne Clarke is exactly that: Yours. 

We provide a bespoke programme that evolves through continuous review and communication. The programme is created with your skills, your ambitions, and your passions as the guiding principles.

Building future lawyers

Our aim is to build lawyers of the future, this is why we have curated a strong development programme for our employees. Following your time with BBP, completing the SQE preparation courses and examinations, you’ll embark on two years of placements throughout the firm, each one building on the growth and development gained by the one before.

Starting with an initial scoping meeting where you’ll define your first step, followed up with regular reviews and discussion about what comes next and what you need to get there. By the time you reach the final qualification, you’ll know what you want to do and be prepared - and inspired - to do it.

It doesn’t stop there. Unlike other training programmes, ours extends into your first year as a qualified associate, where you’ll be given further support to develop specialist "future of work” skills, grow your network and, if you haven’t already, experience a secondment.

Taking care of the human

Our difference lies with our people. Beyond ensuring our future lawyers have all the legal and technical training to succeed, we’re just as focused on what the human behind them needs.

You’ll have:

  • A trusted support system that includes dedicated development managers and supervisors, mentors, and a peer network from the moment you receive your training contract offer (with its own social budget)
  • A flexible approach to connected working, with no expectation of five days in the office
  • The opportunity to broaden your social and networking skills thanks to high levels of client exposure from the get-go
  • Access to our OC Mind and Body network to ensure you have everything you need to be mentally and physically at your best
  • The chance to broaden your horizons and nurture empathy by getting involved in a range of CSR projects. Read more about OC for Good

Alexandra Gower

“We’ve designed a training and development program that puts the individual front and centre. We want to bring out the very best in our people, make the most of their unique talents, and inspire them every step of the way.” - Alexandra Gower, Training Principal 

Are you inspired by…

  • New experiences? - One of the most rewarding experiences both personally and for your career is going on secondment, either to a client or to one of our international locations. This is the fastest and most exciting route to growing your network, while building industry, sector, and client insight and experience.
  • Innovation? - Whether you start out with an interest in legal tech, or go on to develop one, we would encourage you to spend time with OC Solutions. At the forefront of innovation in our industry, the team focuses on providing our clients with digital solutions that revolutionise the way they work.
  • Doing good? - Our role as good corporate citizens is central to who we are as a firm, and fundamental to your growth both as a lawyer, and as an individual. From day one you’ll be an integral part of our CSR and D&I committees, giving you the change to have an active role in improving life at the firm, in our communities, and the world.

Feeling inspired? - Find out where a career at Osborne Clarke could take you here.