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Jordan – Content Protection & Analytics Graduate Intern

Book open Reading time: 2 mins

Jordan, a Content Protection & Analytics Graduate Intern at WarnerMedia gives insights into the experiences he's had in his role so far, what he is most proud to have achieved during his time at the firm and shares what he is most looking forward to. 

My role:

I’m the Content Protection and Analytics Intern, we (try to!) ensure that no WarnerMedia content becomes available online illegally. If any content, finished or unfinished, leaks before it’s official release, we are also the team that tries to limit spread as much as possible and investigates where the leak may have come from. We are always in contact with websites and external vendors, getting content taken down and trying to get websites blocked.

One thing I’ve done that I’m proud of since starting my internship:

In one of my first weeks, there were pictures of some key behind the scenes props and secrets for The Flash that got leaked. My team had to try to contain the issue and do some investigation into how it was leaked and by who. I feel like I played a big part in the investigation and the ultimate discovery of who was responsible.

A project I’m looking forward to working on with my team:

As HBO Max rolls out across Europe over the next few months (not in the UK), the availability of local international titles online is going to increase drastically! We have to try to come up with a strategy to manage the influx of new content and try to drive people towards subscribing to Max instead of accessing the content illegally online for free. That should be really interesting, and our success will have a direct impact on HBO Max in Europe.

What I’m looking forward to in the final quarter of 2021:

I’m super excited for Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga (although it did get pushed back to 2022). I am huge Star Wars fan and love the Lego games so it’s perfect for me. Also, Hogwarts Legacy (which also got pushed back), I love Harry Potter and an immersive game about going to Hogwarts sounds incredible to me!

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