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Culture at Warner

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Below, Warner have outlined what makes their culture so unique and why it's such a great place to work.

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What is the culture like at Warner?

  • Sociable – There’s a wealth of internal events available for staff to here are so many internal events put on by the Internal Comms team to encourage people from across the business to come together
  • Inspiring – Irrespective of the department you’ll be sure to make an impact at the organisation and to see your work displayed internally and in some cases to the public
  • Empowering – Everyone at all levels is given real responsibility enabling them to add real value to the wider business
  • Take Pride – It’s an organisation that encourages you to take pride in achievements across the business and within your department
  • Connected – Access to senior execs through our Coffee With sessions, people are encouraged to connect with people in different teams and finally by attending premieres (by entering comps or by invitation)

What makes Warner’s culture unique?

Despite it being a large organisation, you still feel as though your part of a tight-knit community. It’s easy to form great friendships with people because people are friendly, sincere, and willing to extend a helping hand

What are Warner's core values?

Warner Bros. Discovery have four guiding principles:

  1. Create What’s Next – Be curious, innovate, and focus on the future
  2.  Empower Storytelling – Put creators, consumers and partners at the centre, and share extraordinary stories
  3. Champion Inclusion – Empower others, have courage, and pursue equity
  4. Dream It & Own It – Advocate the mission, move with speed, and drive results

What type of person would fit in well to Warner's culture?

  • Sociable
  • Creative
  • Passionate
  • Friendly
  • Takes initiative
  • Content lover
  • Proud of their difference and the strength that can bring to a team

What team events/socials take place at Warner?

  • Pizza x Prosecco every third Wednesday of the month (Warner House) and every third Thursday of the month (Old Street)
  • Regular staff screening offerings for colleagues
  • Internal activations around big franchise moments e.g. The Batman Cocktail Pop-Up Event in partnership with Park Row. This occurred in celebration of the release of the Batman.


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