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Compass Group UK & Ireland Ltd

Consumer, FMCG & Retail
About Compass Group UK & Ireland Ltd

We are the largest, leading catering and support services company in the world in around 45 countries worldwide and employ 10s of thousands of people in our UK and Ireland business.  Although you may not have heard of us before it is highly likely that you would have tasted our food, experienced our services or known someone who has worked for us; perhaps you have before too!  You may have also been fortunate to have visited some of the amazing venues where we provide outstanding food and service.  

Our people are the foundation of our business.  Between us we supply catering and support services, working both behind the scenes and in customer-facing teams; provide excellent service to our client and customers.  Our teams could be delivering outstanding restaurant experiences, supporting high profile sporting events and feeding thousands of school children, patients, workers and military personnel, to deliver warm welcomes, clean buildings and safe environments.

If you are looking for an opportunity to be part of a great team and gain a wealth and breadth of experience, join our family.

Looking to learn more about life as a graduate with Compass Group? Search #compassgrads on LinkedIn.

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