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Wessex Water

Engineering, Energy & Infrastructure
About Wessex Water

The world is changing fast with great technological, political and social transformation taking place around us all. We are proud that, throughout this change, our aims have remained the same since 1988 and that, over the last 30 years, we have evolved what they mean and how we deliver them. 

Our social purpose has been developed through engagement with our entire business and our stakeholders. It is set, owned, and embedded by our Board, who have worked with all our stakeholders including colleagues from all levels and all departments to form a set of commitments that we can all aspire to.

We recognise that we have a critical role to play that goes far beyond the responsibility of providing an essential public service. We have an opportunity to help tackle the climate emergency, to support the communities we serve and to contribute to the growth of the UK economy.

These opportunities form the core of our strategic direction statement and our business plan, reflecting our long-term commitment to build a sustainable future with the support of our customers, communities, employees and stakeholders.

Throughout the development of our business plan, we engaged with more than 140,000 customers to understand the things that matter most to them. We also spoke to all our major stakeholders representing areas including vulnerable customers, local rivers, and wildlife. This engagement doesn’t stop, however, and we consult regularly through the Wessex Water Partnership, our People’s Council, our customer panel, our Young People’s Panel, and frequent customer surveys.

To deliver against these commitments, we need our people to understand our aims and live our values every day. We do this through visible messaging, training, policies and regular reviews to ensure that everyone feels our strength of purpose.

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