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Atos Guest Blog: Abieyuwa

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Abieyuwa is a Project Manager at Atos. Here are her experiences of the application process; starting at the company; and what she does on a day-to-day basis.

A typical day

In the first few hours of the day, I will review emails in my inbox from clients, suppliers and colleagues. From this, I plan what needs to be done that day. I will also take calls scheduled with project teams to focus on key issues.

After taking lunch in the trendy Holborn area, where Atos’ London Office is located, I will action points raised from my morning calls. This may involve anything from contacting stakeholders, preparing presentations or adjusting budgets.

In the late afternoon, I will attend meetings with either suppliers or with my assignment manager. With suppliers, I will discuss how to ensure progress is being made at a steady pace. Meanwhile with my manager, I will ask for a second opinion on any issues I may be having.

Towards the end of the day, I will set up calls for upcoming days, send off final emails covering administrative details, and ensure she I am prepared for the following morning.

The recruitment process

What stood out to me about the application process to Atos is that every single person was supportive and encouraging. I felt that they wanted me to do well and to succeed. This gave me a positive attitude toward the company even throughout the early stages. This continues to be a central part of the culture at Atos even now I that I am working there full-time. Everyone is willing to take time out of their day to help me with any questions I have, including senior members of staff.

What is expected

As a Project Manager, I am responsible for overseeing the delivery of team projects, whether my own, or in collaboration with teams that are completing other types of projects. I have to be flexible, as I'm handling projects in anything from software implementation, to data transfers. At Atos, I have been trusted with large amounts of responsibility from the very outset, because they are committed to developing their talent.


There are many opportunities at Atos! I recommend anyone to become involved with as many as possible, because this is the best way to develop professionally. My favourite has been the Atos Million Makers Challenge - in this I was able to interact widely with colleagues in other parts of the business, including at an executive level, to raise money for The Prince’s Trust.

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