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Careers at CIL – find the right path for you

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Who we are

CIL is an international management consultancy with offices in the US, Europe, and the UK. We help businesses grow, build value and invest wisely. We are rigorous in our approach, confident in our conclusions and expert at what we do.

What we do

We specialise in strategy consulting – this involves assessing and building business plans, identifying market opportunities and carrying out due diligence. Our 3 core services are:

  • Management Support - Advising management teams on key strategic and operational decisions and how to deliver these strategies.
  • Investor advice - Assisting investors throughout the investment process through identifying opportunities, advising on investment decisions and providing post-deal support.
  • Advanced analytics - Leveraging advanced analytics to help our clients transform business data into a strategic asset.

Careers with us

A career at CIL offers the opportunity for rapid career progression whilst gaining a world-class business education. As our engagements are typically short, our employees get exposure to a wider variety of areas and work with different people across the company. Our workplace is open, diverse and supportive, allowing individuals from all backgrounds to thrive.

Life at CIL

Although we work in structured project teams, we are socially very equal, lively and inclusive. There are no corner offices, no private fiefdoms and no cliques.

Support: Supportiveness is integral to achievement and something we pride ourselves on at CIL. All employees have a career manager who mentors and supports them on their journey, as well as a designated “buddy”.

Socials: We have an incredible social scene, with regular events, parties and post-project celebrations. Our people genuinely enjoy spending time with one another, which is part of what makes us special.

Training: We provide a high-quality training programme delivered within a hugely supportive learning environment.

Health and wellness: As well as private health insurance, we offer regular HIIT and Pilates classes.

What makes us different

We strongly believe that you do your best work for your clients when you are fulfilled. Consulting can be a challenging job, but we are committed to ensuring life at CIL is an attractive long-term career option.

  • Transparent calendars: We work around each other’s plans and commitments
  • No Facetime: We’re not a Facetime culture. When your work is done, you log off!
  • Work From Home: We operate a hybrid work model at CIL
  • Emergency childcare: If your childcare arrangements fall through, CIL will cover the cost of five days of emergency childcare
  • Time Off In Lieu: After an intense consulting project, the team is given the time off in lieu to recover
  • Sabbaticals: Sometimes, annual leave just isn’t enough time to get things done. Sabbaticals for Senior Analysts and above are actively encouraged at CIL.

Our graduate programmes

We provide a world-class business education so that you can become an exceptional management consultant.

Graduates join CIL as Analysts, the first stage in any management consultant’s career. On a given project, our analysts collect and interrogate primary and secondary research, refine hypotheses with the rest of the team and draft output for inclusion in the final report.

Analysts attend client meetings and help present findings – we believe that early client exposure is essential to career development. Analysts also play a vital role in the recruitment process, mentoring interview attendees and new graduate intakes.

Our two graduate intakes take place in the Spring and Autumn each year.

Successful CIL people share some common attributes:

  • Strong academic background and intellectual ability.
  • Business acumen and curiosity for solving business problems.
  • Humility and quiet self-confidence.
  • An appetite to learn from mistakes and improve.
  • Independent self-starters with a sense of initiative.
  • Team players with excellent interpersonal skills.
  • Outstanding numeracy, written and verbal communication skills.
  • Additional languages are an advantage, as many of our engagements feature an international element.

Does this sound like the place for you? Find out more about CIL.