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Key Insights from Leah at Greensill

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We caught up with Leah, Head of Organisational Development at Greensill, to find out about their one-of-a-kind professional development plan for graduates who join the business, as well as hearing her key insights on the firm’s culture.



Tell us a little bit about yourself and your role at Greensill?

In terms of my career, I’ve worked in a variety of businesses and it’s given me a great insight into how different people work. I’ve learnt very quickly that it is important to adapt your style to suit others.

I joined Greensill a year ago, as Head of Organisational Development. I’m responsible for the development of our colleagues to ensure they can be the best they can. My role starts from when a colleague joins us by ensuring everyone is supported through their induction, and then allowing colleagues to grow through owning their development. To facilitate this, we have digital learning platforms for colleagues to access over 16,000 courses. We have also invested in a Culture Inclusive tool to help our colleagues build awareness and work collaboratively across our global business.

What would a ‘normal’ day look like for someone in your role?

There isn’t a typical day at Greensill, every day is different. I'm currently working with our graduate learning providers to develop the professional skills element of the programme. I am also talking to colleagues about coaching, as well as setting up budgets for next year. It’s very unpredictable but I enjoy every moment.

There’s a global aspect to my role, so I will often have meetings with colleagues from the US, Singapore, Columbia, Australia and India. Thankfully, we’re still able to build these professional relationships with people across the world because of our great technology.    

What work do you do in the graduate space?

We’re excited to have created the Emerging Talent development proposition for our global graduate cohort. Our graduates start in a role with real responsibility, so they are adding value from day one. The proposition develops their broad understanding of the business whilst other elements enhance their capabilities and skills for future performance and career growth. We also support the building of their network by connecting them with senior leaders, colleagues and peers across the firm.

What is the culture like at Greensill?

When a colleague first joins Greensill, they quickly discover the family feel. Our colleagues are friendly and welcoming. Everyone has a real can-do attitude, which is essential as we collaborate and innovate in our fast-paced and dynamic environment. 

Innovation is also a massive part of our culture at Greensill - it inspires and motivates us.  We relish the challenges and seize the opportunities, ensuring that we’re also striving towards progress and continual improvement.


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