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About Cognism

James Isilay, Cognism’s co-founder and CEO, recognised that data goes out of date almost as soon as it is processed, and that incorrect or obsolete data is one of the biggest causes of lost sales opportunities and resource waste. His concept was to use recent technology developments in the field of AI to tackle traditional database flaws.

The result is Cognism - a pioneering blend of intelligent technology and human ingenuity, that supplies real-time data, analytics and support to maximise revenue generation for its customers.

Cognism is a sales acceleration platform, using patented AI technology, to provide B2B sales teams with a blend of real-time company, people and event data to streamline prospecting, find and deliver new revenue.

Delivered as a software service (Saas), with our unique data asset and patented Revenue AI engine, Cognism uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to enrich CRM records, identify customer trends and stream leads into the funnel. Our transformative solutions are proven to help B2B organisations visualise, identify and engage their next greatest opportunity.