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About Molecule 2 Medicine

Molecule 2 Medicine Limited (M2M) is a private biotechnology and pharmaceutical consulting company based in the UK, that helps a select portfolio of clients achieve the efficient discovery, development and global commercialisation of new human therapeutics.

The company was founded in Oxford UK, in 2016 when Tom McCarthy realised that there was a clear need for professional consulting services to be readily available for small biotech companies to help them develop robust drug discovery and development programs that address critical unmet medical needs.

The company brings together a team of leading scientists, drug developers and corporate strategic professionals who are committed to providing drug discovery and development advisory services to biotechnology companies. The team comprises individuals with the necessary complementary skills and expertise required to assist companies towards achieving their drug discovery and development goals.

Molecule 2 Medicine has assisted in co-founding, incubating and securing funding for UK-based drug discovery biotechnology company, Grey Wolf Therapeutics, focused on the development of new immuno-oncology therapies. M2M also facilitated the formation of Pathios Therapeutics, a company focused on the discovery and development of modulators of pH-sensing GPCRs to treat autoimmune diseases and cancer.

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