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How Can We Help You? A Network of Advice

Here at Bright HQ, one of the things we like to do is to help you when you’re on the hunt for a job. Sometimes this is through our site, offering advice or the opportunity to get noticed by the organisations that you follow, and sometimes we do it through our networking events, where you can get noticed in person. Another big part of what we do is consulting with you on the type of opportunity that you’re looking for, and trying to match you up with an opportunity that fits.

We spend most of our days here at Bright getting to know our members so that we can make that matching process as smooth and helpful as possible – finding out what you’re looking for and then highlighting some of the options that we have that could be the right fit for you. Sometimes you’ll be looking for something incredibly specific, but more often you’ll be interested in a variety of options and need a bit of advice on what’s out there.

So… just how helpful is it to have somebody consulting with you through your job search, and finding opportunities on your behalf? In the age of the internet, which has democratised the opportunities we can access an awful lot, perhaps it might, at first glance, seem a little redundant to have somebody applying for them on your behalf. We like to think that’s not the case… check out this blog which explains why it’s so important to have someone on your side. As we do things a little differently at Bright Network, I want to take those ideas and show you how they fit us in particular.

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The hidden job market – do you really know everything that’s out there?

Quite often there are jobs which simply aren’t advertised publicly, which somebody who works in the recruitment industry can give you access too. This is something we see a lot of at Bright Network – some of the organisations we work with are holding out for a very particular type of superstar for some of their roles and, rather than advertise that to the whole world, they trust us to spot our members who will be a great fit. This is why we make such an effort to get to know you in person and to connect you with influential people at our events. For example, did you know that we run an event to introduce bright young professionals to a selection of up-and-coming high-growth businesses, all looking to find the right people to join them? Our next one will be this autumn – keep an eye on our newsletters for updates and how to be there.

Our connections – get noticed by the people who matter

As well as getting to know you, at Bright Network we also spend time getting to know the organisations that we work with inside out. We’ve worked with many of them several times over and they’ve hired a good number of our members. This means when we ask them to pay attention to someone we think is great, they know to trust us. This can be particularly useful if you’ve got an interesting story that perhaps you struggle to tell on paper – maybe a bad grade at university, a career break or a change of career – that employers at first glance might be a bit wary about. It helps to have someone on your side that an employer trusts, explaining that story for you.

Our expertise – from commercial law to food start-ups, we’ve got it covered

Sometimes it’s difficult to know what the next step should be. What responsibilities should you be looking to gain? How much should you be paid? This is especially true when you’re starting out in a new career (whether that’s because you’re a graduate, or because you’re experienced in one career and looking to move into another). Here at Bright, we’ve worked with firms from KPMG to Deliveroo, Allen & Overy to Dyson, and we’ve seen a lot of different career journeys on the way – from Big 4 employees moving into ten-man start-ups, teachers moving across into global educational strategy consultancies and so much in between. So… when we give you a call or drop you an email, we want you to know we’re here to answer your questions and help you set your expectations.

The end game is the same – but at Bright Network it goes further

While it’s true that most recruitment consultants are on your side – they want to get you a job that’s going to make you accept the offer, after all – what we do, unlike other consultants who are incentivised to find you the job with the biggest salary and send you on your way, is give you membership to a social network. This means we want to keep in touch with you across your entire career and so we’re incentivised to find the job that you’re going to be happiest in. (Of course, salary might be a big part of that happiness… nobody is denying that!).

We’re a long-term ally – your success is important to us too

For us, as a social network, we’re not just here to find you your first job… in a few years’ time, if you decide that you want to move on, we want to be the first place that you come to when deciding your options. Obviously, we’re a fairly young company – but we’ve already had a couple of our members secure both their first and their second job through us. That makes us pretty proud, and happy we’re doing good things to help.

So… that’s the long story, broken down five different ways. The short story? If you want any advice on your job hunt, we’re here for a chat and we’ll do our best to answer your questions, connect you to particular opportunities and help you hone your chances of getting noticed by the right organisations for you. Pop in and say hello, email us at or pick up the phone - 0207 011 1612.

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