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Core Career Skills (5 modules)
Resilience and taking feedback
20 - 25 minutes | Easy
Resilience is a key skill that employers look for in their graduates. You're likely to have some setbacks early in your career and companies want you to be able to adapt to change and bounce back. Taking and actioning feedback is a key part of this. This module will show you why it's so important, how you can develop resilience and also demonstrate it to employers.
Learning about strengths
40 - 50 minutes | Easy
Strengths based recruitment helps students and graduates discover where their core skills lie, encouraging them to find roles which they can really succeed in. EY was one of the first companies to use this method of recruitment, but it's increasingly being used by large firms. This module will help you to understand your strengths and how you can demonstrate your competencies, giving you the edge in an application process.
How to network effectively
20 - 25 minutes | Easy
Bright Network's research shows that networking is the skills students most want to improve. To get your networking game up to speed, careers author Jake Schogger gives his top tips and tells you how it can directly impact your career.
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Application Processes (7 modules)
Practice Verbal Reasoning Tests
20 - 30 minutes | Easy
Many leading employers will test your verbal reasoning during an application process. We give you tips on the best technique and offer you free practice questions.
Acing an interview
45 - 60 minutes | Easy
In partnership with Willis Towers Watson, this module will help you prepare for upcoming interviews. With a key focus on video interviews, Willis Towers Watson's graduates and recruitment team give you their essential insights into what companies look for.
Practice abstract (logic) tests
20 - 25 minutes | Easy
Many leading employers require you to complete an abstract (logic) test as part of the process. We tell you how to approach it and give you a free practice test to get you up to speed.
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Commercial Awareness (4 modules)
Understanding City firms
30 - 35 minutes | Easy
Looking to work in the City? It's essential to understand how firms are set up and how you will fit into their organisation. Chris makes the complex stuff simple in this guide to City terminology, fee-earners, selling products, collaboration across the City and much more.
Developing your commercial awareness
30 - 40 minutes | Easy
Commercial awareness is an essential skill that all companies look for from their graduates. However, it's something that students don't feel confident about. In the module, we look at what it means to be commercial aware, the knowledge you need to know and how you can impress leading employers throughout an application process.
How to start your own business
40 - 60 minutes | Intermediate
Heading onto a graduate scheme isn't for everybody, and in this module, our founder and CEO, James, takes you through what he loves about entrepreneurship, how to know if it's for you, as well as some of the key things to think about when starting you own business. If you're interested in starting your own business one day, this module should be essential for you.
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