Bright Network: Inspire Series (week three)

5 Aug 2020, 4 p.m.

Welcome to our event series focused on giving you the best advice for your early career. Each week, we’re inviting two business leaders to give insights on their career, what made them successful and their top tips for current students/recent graduates.


Frequently asked questions

What you get out of it?

It’s a five week series where you’ll hear from two business leaders each week on how you can get ahead with your career. They may not work in a sector you are focused on, but their insights will get you thinking about the business world and what it takes to be successful. Plus, we’ll be covering key topics important to you, including commercial awareness, dealing with imposter syndrome, confidence, presenting yourself, mental health in the workplace and more.

When do they take place?

Every week on Wednesday at 4pm. They are online workshops, so you can turn in from anywhere. All you need is a computer/laptop and a moderately stable internet connection.

How do they work?

We’ll be asking our speakers questions about their career and their best advice - most of the questions will come from attendees like you. Here’s the agenda for the second event, taking place on Wednesday 5th August:

  • 16:00-16:05 - Welcome from Bright Network
  • 16:05-16:25 - Insights from Leah Adeniran, Corporate Associate at Freshfields
  • 16:25-16:35 - Topic of the week: Feedback and Personal Development
  • 16:35-17:00 - Insights from Gisela Abbam, Chair of the British Science Association

How do you book your place?

Click the apply now button and fill in the very short registration form. From there, you’ll be sent a link which will give you access to the event on 3:55pm on Wednesday 5th August. For the events in the five part series, you have to register for each separately to secure your place.