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IEUK 2023: On Demand

10 Jul 2023, 9 a.m. — Virtual
Application deadline was 5th July 2023, 11:59 p.m.


Back for the fourth year in a row, IEUK 2023 is your chance to fast track your career in your chosen sector. Get real-world experience to add to your CV as well as valuable knowledge and networking opportunities with top employers in a range of industries. If you're not able to make your chosen live experience, or you want to participate in more than one stream, or you're under 18, On Demand is for you.

How does IEUK On Demand work?

The on demand experience kicks off on 10 July 2023 after the live experiences end. You'll be emailed your pack with the links to the sessions and project work. You’ll have until 21st July to complete everything in your own time and submit the project work. 

By completing the sessions and submitting the work sample, you'll receive the same certificate, which you can add to your CV. The only thing you miss out on is the networking, which we can only do live.

Internship Experience UK On-Demand is available for all six streams being offered this year: 

  • Business, Operations & Marketing
  • Commercial Law
  • Financial Services & Consulting
  • Investment Banking & Asset Management
  • Public Sector, Policy & Charity
  • Technology

What's new for 2023?

More employers

2023 will welcome more employers from a wider range of sectors than the previous year. This means more opportunities to connect with employers and learn about your opportunities post-university.  

Learn how to present yourself as a desirable candidate

With an ever-growing graduate population, what will set you apart from other candidates? IEUK aims to inform you on key skills to hone and develop before you enter the job market to increase your chances of success. Hear straight from employers the exact skills they are assessing you on and key information they pick from applications or CVs. 

Fast-track notification

At the end of the programme, attendees who participated in IEUK in full will be eligible for a fast track notification. Be the first to know about grad jobs and internships to be an early applicant.  

Am I eligible and how do I apply?

IEUK 2023: On Demand is open to every student and recent graduate (16+). All you need to take part is a Bright Network membership, which is completely free and you can sign up when you start your application. To apply, simply click the button below and fill in your application form - it takes less than 10 minutes to complete. You don’t need previous experience to complete the experience - just passion for the sector. 

If you've taken part in any previous IEUKs, we still recommend taking part this year. Every year provides a completely new experience with different sessions to join, employers to meet and work samples to complete. Having multiple IEUKs on your CV demonstrates your continued commitment to breaking into your sector of choice and is highly regarded by top employers.

Why attend

Real experience for your CV

Get real internship experience you can add to your CV and impress potential employers with.

Get fast-tracked

Attendees will be eligible for a fast-track upon the completion of the programme.

Find a sector that suits you

On Demand allows you to get internship experience in multiple sectors, even if you can't make the live experience.

Who can attend

Open to all students and recent graduates (16+)

Well-suited to those looking for experiences to add to their CV

No previous experience required


Frequently asked questions

I've done IEUK before - is this year the same? 

Each year's experience is completely unique, so if you did the experience last year or the year before, we recommend taking part again. All the sessions will be different, more employers are joining and the work samples are brand new. Plus, there are extra features to help you gain more from the experience. 

What if I have another question? 

For a full list of commonly asked questions about the experience, take a look at our IEUK FAQs page.