NextGen Awards: Breaking Barriers Award

6 Dec 2023
Application deadline was 1st October 2023, 11:59 p.m.

NextGen Awards 2023: Breaking Barriers Award

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Are you a student or society identifying problems, taking action and driving positive change? The Breaking Barriers Award is open to anyone who's removed barriers and made something fairer or more accessible for everyone, or overcome a barrier that has previously hindered them. 

Whether it's a physical barrier, social barrier or otherwise - tell us what you as an individual or society have been doing to break the barriers around you or what barriers you've been able to overcome. 

Societies who are eligible to apply: 

  • For the societies who are taking strides to remove barriers on campus or in their local communities - whether that's a physical barrier (e.g. improving wheelchair access or making society events accessible for all) or a social barrier (e.g. improving support for students from lower socio-economic backgrounds or who are the first generation to attend university
  • We're looking for societies that are paving the way for diversity and improving the lives of those from under-represented backgrounds through their actions and intiatives
  • The committee are dedicated to supporting all people from all backgrounds, and have achieved positive change 

Students who are eligible to apply: 

  • For the students who are individually tackling challenges and barriers that they or others face - whether that's a physical barrier, social barrier or other (E.g. students from state-educated backgrounds or who were the first generation to attend university, neurodiverse students, or students from under-represented backgrounds)
  • We're looking for students that are paving the way for diversity, and/or who have overcome their own barriers through projects, initiatives and their hard work
  • The student will be able to demonstrate what change they have brought about and how it has impacted them/their community

Applications close on Sunday 1st October at 11:59pm! 


Frequently asked questions

Who can apply for NextGen Awards 2023? 

To be in the running for a NextGen Award, you can apply either as an individual student or as a university society. For each category, there will be a student winner and a society winner. 

To enter as a student, you must be a student at a UK university. 

To enter as a society, you must be a committee member of a UK university society. Please select one person to apply on behalf of the society (we will only review one application per society entry for a category). 

How can I enter NextGen Awards 2023? 

As a student or society, you can get recognised by our employer sponsors, connect with them at our exclusive Meet the Sponsors event (open for all applicants), and win up to £1900 - all by entering NextGen Awards 2023. Plus, it’s super easy to apply! Here’s all you’ll need to do across term 1:

1. Submit your application by clicking 'apply now' and following the instructions in the form - telling us why you deserve to win the award

2. Create a video (up to 2 mins) if you’re shortlisted, to showcase some of your achievements and why you deserve to win the title

3. Share your entry with your networks to get votes!

4. Attend the award ceremony in central London on Wednesday 6th December if you win!

Watch this handy video to get our top tips on how to make your application stand out. 

What are the key dates? 

More questions about NextGen Awards 2023? 

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