A Bright Guide to Markets

Markets are a popular graduate destination thanks to the excellent remuneration and high intensity work and it certainly draws some of the brightest brains the world has to offer.

So, if you’re looking for a graduate role which will challenge you every minute of the working day then read on to find out what Markets actually involve, and how you can impress potential employers.

What is it?

Markets is the trading and creation of financial instruments such as bonds or commodities. Your role will be to analyse the behaviours of the markets and provide clients with financial solutions accordingly. 

Why is it used?

Markets are a key investment opportunity for organisations like corporations or governments. They will also use markets to raise financing, gain liquidity or hedge risk.

Why is it a good career?

It’s a truly brain-stretching career as the markets change all the time, convulsing, retracting and growing, so you can never make the same decision twice. It’s also client-facing and as there’s plenty of corporate money floating around, you’ll see quite a large slice of that.

Who would enjoy it?

Markets are for graduates who have no problem making decisions. For the right graduate, the mix of pressure, fast-pace and risks is an addictive thrill. If you’re a natural adrenaline seeker, then this might be the place for you. 

How to impress on an application

The two keys things to prove to employers will be your analytical skills – specifically your ability to spot trends in data – and your ability to make fast decisions without prevarication. It’s also very client-facing so you’ll need to be confident in social situations.

Another trait to prove on your CV is your integrity. Not only can covered-up trading mistakes fell banks (ever heard of Barings Bank? No? Exactly…) but Markets can fall prey to insider-dealing and other sharp practices which regulations are clamping down on. Ultimately, it’s a great career with fantastic opportunities, right at the heart of the City.