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From campus to Adobe Life: University graduates share what brought them to Adobe

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Finishing university is an exciting time for students but starting your first role in the corporate world can be a bit daunting. At Adobe, we try to do everything we can to make this transition as seamless as possible for our graduates by creating onboarding plans, setting up meet and greets and conducting development sessions.

We spoke with our 2021 University Graduates in Asia Pacific to get their perspectives on why they chose our program and what they are enjoying most about working at Adobe! Here’s what they shared.

Why did you choose the Adobe Graduate Program?

Victor Ikeda, Asia Marketing Specialist Graduate, Adobe

“I wanted to be part of a program that offered a steep learning curve while also allowing me to build on my existing experience and skills in a new regional market. The chance to work at one of the world’s largest tech giants was also an opportunity that I couldn’t pass up!” - Victor Ikeda, Asia Marketing Specialist Graduate, Adobe

Maddie Couter, Renewal Sales Graduate, Adobe

“Through my previous experience I was fortunate enough to realise quite early on that I wanted to continue my career within the tech space. I wanted to join an inclusive company that is dedicated to championing diversity and nurturing talent all of which I believe is at the heart of the culture at Adobe.” - Maddie Couter, Renewal Sales Graduate, Adobe

Nikita Murthy, Renewal Sales Graduate, Adobe

“I knew I wanted to be a part of a program where I could connect to the products and the company values, as well as learn about the industry. I had been using Adobe’s products – so applying for the graduate program seemed like a suitable “next step” as I knew it would be a great learning experience and a great place to work.” - Nikita Murthy, Renewal Sales Graduate, Adobe

Abi Beardsley, APAC Communications Graduate, Adobe

“The Adobe Graduate Program was like nothing I had seen on my job search out of university. It was a full-time permanent position at a global company assuring mentorship and incredible career development. Adobe had always been on my radar from a brand perspective, but I hadn’t considered a career in tech until I saw this graduate program. It was a bit of a lightbulb moment, where I thought, “This is where I need to be.” Adobe is a super progressive company with a visionary outlook, employing brilliant minds to work with and around cutting-edge innovations, and I wanted to be a part of that.” - Abi Beardsley, APAC Communications Graduate, Adobe

What has been the best part of your graduate experience so far?

Lauren Rice, ANZ Marketing Specialist Graduate, Adobe

“Working across multiple channels and collaborating with employees across the globe! It has been very rewarding to be able to own projects, effectively executing activities and seeing the results.” - Lauren Rice, ANZ Marketing Specialist Graduate, Adobe

“The opportunity to work on interesting projects which support some of Australia’s largest companies. It has been super eye opening to see how Adobe employees approach complex problems in a time where businesses are facing unprecedented and unique challenges.” -  Maddie Couter, Renewal Sales Graduate, Adobe

“Getting to be part of such a supportive team who are willing to sacrifice their own time to help us get settled and up to speed. Everyone has been really helpful, and it has made a huge difference to my experience here.” - Jack Shaddock, Renewal Sales Graduate, Adobe

“For me, the best part about my graduate experience so far has been the integration into the team. Everyone I’ve interacted with has been so warm and eager to support me. Too often, you hear about programs – whether they’re for interns or graduates – where individuals are not integrated properly and aren’t trusted to do work that adds actual value. My experience at Adobe couldn’t be further from this. I’ve worked on large-scale projects, collaborated with teams across the world and am consistently asked for my opinion. The mentorship I’ve received has been incredible, and I feel I’m being set up to succeed.” – Abi Beardsley, APAC Communications Graduate, Adobe

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