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Meet Ahmed Faidi, Consultant

Book open Reading time: 1 min

Introducing Ahmed. Upon completing his undergraduate studies, Ahmed embarked on a journey of exploration and growth. He recognised that the UK held the key to his interests in medical technology, prompting him to join BCG in September 2019. This move followed his successful completion of a MEng in Electrical and Electronic Engineering from UCL in 2018. 

Throughout his tenure at BCG, Ahmed has displayed a keen interest in diverse industries, immersing himself in healthcare, operations, energy, public sector, consumer and industrial goods. However, he found his passions lie in climate and sustainability crossed with travel, tourism, cities, and infrastructure. As a diligent consultant, he consistently pushes the boundaries of innovation in this ever-evolving field. 

Ahmed's decision to align himself with BCG was influenced by his appreciation for the organisation's exceptional individuals and unparalleled personal and professional development prospects. Beyond his career pursuits, Ahmed maintains an active presence in the London football team, seamlessly translating his penchant for teamwork and competition from meetings to the playing field. 

Ahmed looks forward to engaging with fellow professionals, thought leaders, and enthusiasts in the realm of consultancy and beyond. His goal is to foster enriching dialogues, collaborate on transformative projects, and collectively contribute to advancements that shape the course of our world. 

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