David tells us about his Aleto journey so far

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Hear from Graduate, David Keenan, who's currently taking part in the Aleto leadership programme and what he makes of it so far.

What is your current role at BT and in which team does this sit within?

I am currently a second year Graduate Inside Sales Account Manager for BT Global, sitting in the Global Inside Sales team. I started out as a Sales Development Representative (SDR) for the first six months, before moving into my second rotation, working alongside Global field sales teams. 

What did you do before joining BT?

Before joining BT, I completed a Bachelor of Arts Undergraduate Degree in History, as well as a Master’s in Business Management, both at Queen’s University Belfast. During my time studying, I had the opportunity to spend time abroad in both China and the USA.

What was your reason for taking part in the programme?

I am taking part in the Aleto leadership programme as I believe that for future leaders to truly succeed and help make the world a better place, we must all come together, as one, and take full advantage of our different backgrounds to create a positive future for us all.

I believe the Aleto leadership programme will challenge me, and will help me grow as an individual, appreciating the views of everyone around me, and coming together with other like-minded people to make those important decisions that will impact our lives for the better.

As a young professional participating in the BT Graduate Programme, I strongly believe the Aleto leadership programme will help further boost my self-confidence and expand my network to engage with amazing people. 

How do you view Aleto?

Aleto is an exciting initiative that encourages and challenges people to fully embrace their backgrounds and come together to make decisions that positively impact everyone around us. Aleto helps to provide social mobility to young people, supporting and equipping us to truly succeed and have a positive impact on everyone around us. 

How did you initially hear about the programme?

I first heard about the Aleto leadership programme from the BT Graduate Programme, who recommended the course as an exciting learning opportunity to fundamentally grow not only my leadership skills, but also my network. After doing some research into the programme, I was inspired by what Aleto stands for, and was eager to apply. 

What are your future career plans?

My overarching goal is to grow my experience as an Account Manager whilst being an effective team player to support both our customers and colleagues I work with. With this experience, I would aim to take up a leadership position, supporting the performance and wellbeing of our colleagues to deliver that brilliant experience for our customers.