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Chartered Insurance Institute report: Women's risk in life

The CII is the largest professional body for the Insurance and Financial Planning professions, with 125,000 members. Their purpose is to build public trust in insurance.

Their Insuring Women’s Future initiative aims to redefine its approach to women and risk within the industry. Women face very different risks to men, and typically show lower resilience to financial and non-financial risk compared to men. The hope is that by sharing this view of risk throughout women's lives the CII will be able to spur the development of risk solutions to better meet their needs.

Here's a snapshot of their findings:

Women face significant risks across the life course. Women earn less than men, and they are more likely to be in low paid and insecure work. There is an unequal division of caring responsibilities, with women being more likely to be caring for children, for adults, and often both. Women face distinct health risks, and they are more likely to report having suffered from mental health conditions. Women are more at risk from domestic abuse, including domestic violence and financial coercion. Women live longer than men, but they tend to have far lower levels of pension savings. Women require care for a longer period at the end of life, and they face considerably higher care costs as a result. 

To find out more about the CII and the work they do surrounding equality, take a look at their profile page.