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Day in the Life of Zoe – Summer Intern

Book open Reading time: 2 mins

We recently caught up with Zoe, a Data Science and Systems Engineering intern at Frazer-Nash Consultancy, to hear about her experience and get some top tips for Bright Network members to follow in her footsteps.

Name: Zoe Lawrence

Current Role: Data science and systems engineering intern

University and Degree: University of Manchester, Physics (MPhys)

Please introduce yourself and your role

At Frazer-Nash I am a summer student in the AI and analytics team. Most of my time here has been dedicated to software development and an in-depth study of Large Language Models. I initially chose to join Frazer-Nash due to its reputation as a hospitable company with a strong commitment to environmental sustainability. Additionally, I was intrigued by the diverse range of projects undertaken by the company.

Please describe your experiences so far with Frazer-Nash

Upon joining I was taken aback by the speed at which I was immersed in meaningful tasks. As a summer intern I had anticipated monotonous tasks, but to my surprise, I have been involved in lots of captivating and interesting work. The atmosphere is welcoming and friendly, making me feel like part of the team from the beginning. In the Bristol office there are loads of summer students and recent graduates which also helped with blending into the company.

What advice would you give to prospective Frazer-Nash applicants?

If I were to offer advice to prospective applicants, I would emphasize the importance of highlighting pertinent skills in your application. In my case, this revolved around my coding background. I delved deeply into my previous coding projects I had completed at university and articulated my aspirations for my upcoming master’s project. This approach enables others to gauge your capabilities and areas of enthusiasm. Similarly, during the interview stage, communicate your preferences for the type of work you want to be undertaking. At the end of your interview there might be a query about your comfort level working on defence-related projects. It is worth noting Frazer-Nash are genuinely interested in placing interns on projects that resonate with their interests. Hence, my advice here would be to be honest.