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Fnality: Getting to know us

Fnality International (Fnality) was founded in May 2019 as the next step in a transformational project that started as the Utility Settlement Coin (USC) project. Our goal is to create a regulated network of distributed Financial Market Infrastructures (dFMIs) to support global exchange of value transactions. So transformational is this project, we already have five currencies in scope: CAD, EUR, GBP, GBP, JPY & USD.

Backed by 14 of the world’s leading financial institutions and a ‘Series A’ equity round of £50m finalised in May 2019, at Fnality, the world’s most talented engineers, lawyers, bankers, analysts and thought leaders are shaping the global future of financial services by driving the transformation of financial markets back to Peer-to-Peer.

Our values

Our values are the beating heart of our organisation; not just some corporate tick box but the glue that holds us all together, acting as our guide as we live and breathe them every day.

  1. Collaboration: we work, deliver and get rewarded as cross skilled teams. There is no tolerance for glory.
  2. Openness: we’re open to ideas, learn fast and adapt and iterate quickly, being transparent and honest with everyone we work with.
  3. Empowering: we take a ‘first principles’ approach and using data, we provide a level platform for all to do their best work.
  4. Outcome focused: we focus on outcomes for everyone’s benefit; especially our customers and partners.

What we look for in graduates

We’re always looking for people to join our team of doers, builders and collaborators who are as excited as we are to help develop the platform upon which all future digital financial services are realised. We especially look for individuals who are:  

  1. Able to work and thrive in an agile environment
  2. Outcome focused
  3. Analytical
  4. Quick thinking

By joining us, you’ll work with bright people who are experts in their field, giving you the unrivalled opportunity to develop and work with different functions of the business.