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Graduate Spotlight: Gianne, Process Improvement Lead

Book open Reading time: 2 mins

We caught up with Gianne, Process Improvement Lead at Diageo. Here she shared her insights on the culture at Diageo, what excites her about the role and her experience of the application process. 

What opportunities has Diageo provided you?

Prior to starting on Diageo’s graduate scheme, I really didn’t know where I saw myself going in life. Since working for Diageo, I have had the opportunity to grow and develop so many skills. I have been fortunate enough to live all over the UK, working across a number of functions and learning a lot about our Supply Chain. From run the business to improve the business, my breadth in experience has been exceptional. It is from this experience, that I have really understood what my passions are and I have been given the chance to leverage those drivers in the workplace.

What’s the most exciting thing about your role?

One of the most exciting things about my role, is learning so much about the operations behind our Scotch Whisky. Since being here, I have been lucky enough to be  involved in one of the biggest changes to happen across our Malt Distilling footprint. Two years ago, I would have never known the complexity and scale of our operations and now I am a part of its evolution.

How would you describe Diageo’s culture?

I will never forget when I had my assessment day for the Diageo Graduate Scheme, I felt instantly comfortable and I thoroughly enjoyed myself. I thought to myself ‘you were your true self that day, if you get this job then this really is the place for you’. I continue to meet incredible and inspiring people every day at Diageo – it really is a great place to work. I personally feel empowered to bring my true and authentic self to work every day.

What has Diageo taught you about yourself?

Diageo has taught me to be patient and to make the most of opportunities life gives. Even after navigating through some difficult circumstances, I am now able to reflect and see my personal growth and maturity. Another big lesson I am proud to have learnt, is that it’s ok not to always know, because you can learn, what’s important is that you apply yourself and don’t give up.

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