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M&S Digital Team: Act like a start-up and take risks

At M&S we live and breathe our values. But none are more important than innovation for our colleagues working in M&S Digital. You can find it in all of our stores and every aspect of our operations. Technology is transforming the way our customers shop and we strive to bring ease, convenience and quality to their experience. Thinking outside of the box means we’ve adopted a start-up mentality, where trying, failing and moving on are integral to our success. But what makes us fundamentally different to a start-up is that we have an audience of over 32 million customers.

At the core of the great work done by the M&S Digital team are people

Tara, who joined our programme through the ‘IT’s not just for boys’ event, and works on our Digital Display team:

“I want to make great experiences that people will love. I make an effort to find out more about the customers we build things for. Potential customers too. It can really influence the work you do for the better. I love the freedom that M&S has given me to try new things and the feedback we get is pretty instant. And how many companies give their engineers time in the week to learn new skills and get involved in projects beyond their day jobs?”

M&S Digital is so much more than a

Our team is producing cutting edge technology such as the ‘Cook with M&S’ app and ‘Try Tuesday’ website, transforming the way our customers interact with us. For Alysia, the exposure she got on her rotations helped her to hone in on what she really loved doing:

“I think it’s really important to take advantage of all the resources on offer. I have a graduate manager and mentors, as well as buddies to start. Then there’s the breadth of training courses and workshops I’ve attended. But there’s no substitute for learning on-the-job. Something just clicked on one of the digital projects I was working on and, suddenly I found myself coming up with solutions for all kinds of things that no-one had thought of previously.”

What’s more

We want to prepare our team and give them a varied skillset, so that they can succeed in the fast-paced and competitive world of technology, as Sophie refects:  

“I’ve been constantly encouraged to focus on my personal development – attending courses and getting involved is as many activities as possible outside of my day job. There is a company-wide attitude to continuous improvement. It’s up to you to get outside your comfort zone and make the most of it. You’ll be glad you did. From my perspective, the past year has been the best of my career, by an absolute mile.”

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