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Meet Simone, Graduate electrical engineer Filton

Simone is a graduate electrical engineer, working on submarines in Filton.

I studied electrical and electronic engineering as an undergraduate, followed by a master’s in Sustainable Energy Entrepreneurship. When I saw the graduate programme advertised, there were specific electrical and electronic engineering roles available close to my home near Bristol, so the opportunity was perfect for me.


I've been at BAE Systems since autumn as a graduate electrical engineer, working in our submarine sector. I’ve been able to follow my passions of engineering and sustainability and apply my education to developing cutting-edge technology. I find it interesting that we’re working on something that’s so future-focussed and I’m excited to see how it might turn out. It gives me a real sense of pride to contribute to protecting the country alongside the submarines team and the Royal Navy.

I love the flexibility that I get within my team – I get to work the hours that suit me and work from home when I need to. Being in a team that respects and supports each other’s personal needs and commitments is really important to me. Having work-life balance is good for everyone’s wellbeing and helps me with travel and to live my life outside of work.

Many of the work friendships I’ve made started with a two-week immersion at our Head Office, which was a great opportunity for all of the graduates to meet and get to know each other. It was clear from the beginning that there’s a very supportive culture at BAE Systems – we try our best for each other at work but also take the time to socialise. And the other engineers in my team are always there for me when I need help.

Hopefully in the future I’ll have the chance to travel to America or even Australia. There are extra-curricular opportunities too – I’m a STEM ambassador which means I get to talk to school kids about STEM, help onboard new graduates, and hopefully inspire other young women to work in STEM. Training within the team is excellent - already I’ve been to a week-long training event in Birmingham which was very interesting and helpful to my role and future career. There is also the opportunity to apply to work at different sites, so moving around to different towns and cities is made easy.

Everyone I’ve met has been so open and helpful, and the early careers team have made me feel so welcome.